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“Help! My child needs speech therapy!” If these are your words read the article below.

First, they babble, squeal, and blow raspberries, then they mimic sounds, and finally, the children begin to corectly speak true words. But what if they dont?

Although for some children, their developmental path to speech may look a little different. There are many causes for delays and deficits in a child’s speech. Some causes are congenital, meaning they occur from birth. An example can be speech deficits due to a cleft pallet, developmental speech delay due to a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Downs Syndrome, or even being born prematurely. Sometimes though, the cause is unknown, this would then be classified as an idiopathic deficit. An example of this can be stuttering or articulation issues. While having a child diagnosed with a speech deficit may seem scary, with the right services and therapy they can emerge from the clinic speaking as if nothing had ever occurred.

This is where technology can come to the rescue.

At the Linghos we know and understand that children’s speech/communication skills are very important to parents. We have designed an application that uses Artificial Intelligence and speech recognition technology. This advanced tech will allow us to help guide and shape your child’s speech so they can reach their therapy goals fast, and also allow the kids to have fun while working. Usually one of the biggest steps in getting started with therapy is the diagnosis.

Our aim is for parents to use our app as not just therapy, but also a diagnostic tool. Our app will be able to diagnose articulation errors, and from the detected errors therapy activities will be constructed from our database. Our specialized AI algorythm will recognize each child’s errors-thus, their diagnosis, therapy activities, and goals will be crafted especially for them.

Overall, a speech deficit can appear organically, without cause, or be secondary to a diagnosed syndrome- or even from injuries.

But regardless of the cause, the outcome matters most to both parents and therapists alike. We all hold the same desire to see our children prosper and thrive. So, if you are interested in learning more about the Linghos and approach to speech therapy, please leave us your email. We will be happy to share more information with you!

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